The last border

Under our archipelagos, the wind

Antarctica (especially the Peninsula, which is more accessible) has become a destination of choice for wealthy tourists with a thirst for novelty and a sense of urgency to discover regions threatened by climate change. While there were less than 5,000 visitors in 1990, in a season between November and February (the rest of the year being too cold and icy to navigate), there were more than 50,000 in 2019.

During the pandemic, cruises were maintained with fewer passengers, and bookings for the next season are climbing. To go further and extend the period of operation, a first tourist icebreaker has been built and has just made its first sailings this year. While elsewhere, other companies are equipping helicopters and/or submarines.

The white continent, the largest desert in the world and the first to be affected by global warming, is for some the last frontier that must be reached at all costs before it disappears in its current form.

A tourism of extinction, to be appreciated between two glasses of champagne.

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