The wavering of cathedrals

Under our archipelagos, the wind

Uncertain images, containing both the sublime and the lost, are animated in the strange vibration of a contemplative experience, in a will to reach the beats of the world.

Manipulated by glitch, alterations, losses and transformations, the icebergs become a questioning of the fragility of photography as an archive and of the perenniality of our digital memory. The discrepancy between the majesty of the ice giants and the awareness of their fragility echoes the distance between our perception of a fantasized intact nature and the concrete actions taken to preserve it.

Ecological or digital, distorted perceptions have the same consequences: the point of no return and amnesia. The flickering of the cathedrals, caught in an interlacing of resonances, becomes a tangible landscape of memory. Metaphor of a world on borrowed time.