Polaris Artefacts

Under our archipelagos, the wind

Huts, research stations, shelters or maritime monuments: the artifacts become a reference for the eye in the great white Antarctic desert, a world that the imagination still conceives immaculate.

The marks of civilization, fine and colored geometries lost in the infinite white expanses, become pre-ruins, close to the vestige. The human presence is then visibly incongruous, the architecture of the scientific and industrial conquest, almost cosmonaut.

Almost cosmonaut: traces of humans on a planet.

« The lone shed sits, vibrant against the subdued tonality of this land and its waddle of penguins. Too often the Artics are portrayed as desolate, untouched places, far removed from the concerns of mankind (or any meaningful sense of responsibility). Here, the photographer has elegantly challenged that view. To truly bring ourselves into harmony with the natural world, we must return to seeing humanity as a part of it.« 
Nichole Sobecki for The Independent Photographer

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